About company

NSI is a specialized land surveying company with many years' experience in completing complex engineering surveys for construction.

Each year the company successfully performs engineering surveys for dozens of major projects in Nizhny Novgorod City and the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Highly qualified and experienced staff, up to date equipment and established internal quality control process enable us to provide fast, accurate and professional service. Work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, taking into account the international quality standards and modern Russian scientific achievements.

The main principles of our business

  1. 1High quality engineering surveys and unconditional fulfilment of commitments
  2. 2Transparent relations with customers and partners, focus on long-term cooperation
  3. 3Flexible pricing and efficient execution of all types of works

Working with us you will receive:

  • — reliable data regarding the engineering conditions of the territory;
  • — completion of all engineering surveys in accordance with applicable regulations;
  • — warranty, support and consulting throughout the project execution and completion of the expert review;
  • — commencement of work the following day;
  • — a preliminary survey materials enabling you to proceed with design even before completion of survey work.