The results of engineering surveys are the source information for making informed design decisions in any construction project. That is why the company NSI utilizes specialized equipment for its business. All used measuring equipment is subject to periodic metrological calibration and alignment.

Geodetic and meteorological serveys equipment

During the geodetic and hydrometeorological surveys for quick navigation through surveying territories we use AWD transport of foreign brands. Specialists with appropriate qualifications are used for measurements the following equipment:

  • — GNSS/GPS systems Trimble,
  • — electronic total stations and levels Sokkia,
  • — underground utilities locators RIDGID,
  • — laser distance meters Leica,
  • — rails, rods and other associated equipment and software that enables us to perform tasks.

Equipment for engineering-geological surveys

For engineering-geological and geotechnical surveys we use drilling rigs mounted on trucks ZIL and KAMAZ. The equipment used for soil tests in the field:

  • — static soils probing systems («Pika-17K» and «Geotest»),
  • — pressuremeter,
  • — stamp for soils tests,
  • — stray currents determining device.

Equipment for ecological surveys

For ecological surveys used a large number of field and laboratory instruments allowing to determine radiological, biological and gas-geochemical parameters of the environment.

Certified laboratory of the company NSI has both traditional instruments and up to date equipment:/p>

  • — automated complexes ASIS,
  • — triaxial compression system,
  • — shear and slice appliances,
  • — device for determining the limits of plasticity,
  • — measures the degree of heaving soils,
  • — the corrosiveness of soils analyzer,
  • — the devices for determining the adhesion and conductivity of soils, etc.

The set of laboratory equipment enables us to perform chemical analyses of soils and water as well as to determine particle size distribution and superior strength and deformation characteristics of soils.

Equipment suppliers